Reading isn't a chore.

It's an adventure.

Literacy Classes for children from 3 months to 12 years in New York City.

Reading isn't a chore.

It's an adventure.

Literacy Classes for children from 18 months to 12 years in New York City.

Person Reading book

Build reading confidence

Get individualized attention

Enjoy a cozy space that inspires

There's magic in books.

Let's teach them to find it.


The love of reading is one of the best gifts you can give your child.

  • A cozy environment that encourages a love of learning.
  • A curriculum that’s tailored just for them.
  • Encouraging instructors dedicated to their progress, no
    matter their reading level.

Whether your child can’t put their books down – or doesn’t want to pick one up – we help them be confident to read and enjoy every book they pick off the shelf.

Watch your child fall in love with reading.

Young girl in a floral fress reading at a small desk in the sunlight

Cozy up.

Our magical, cozy space will transport you out of the city and into a world of books. Your child will feel inspired to dive into every book on our shelves.

Kindergarten girl with curly hair reading a book on top of a stack of books, in front of shelves of books.

Start Reading

Each of our class sizes are limited so that every child gets the individualized attention they deserve, tailored to what they need.

Little girl with black hair in a pink tutu at Wise Wonder learning Center

Capture the wonder.

Your child will read with confidence and be inspired by every story as they discover the wonder that books can hold.

We help every student learn a love of reading.

We help tap into your child's imagination and bring books to life – no matter the age or stage they are in.

  • Early learners who want to get a jump-start
  • Children who want more of a challenge than they’re getting in the classroom
  • Little ones who need a little extra encouragement to to read
  • Parents who want to prepare their little ones for school day
Smiling mother holding her young child

“The baby program is so unique. Music and literacy, what a great combo!”

– Abby's Mom


“My son started BN at 18 months old and now he's going into kindergarten. He's learned so much and I feel that Rina and her teachers have set him up for success.”

– Teddy's Mom

Father "flying" his son like an airplane holding him around the chest

“This cozy, enriching place is a haven for my kids in the middle of this crazy city.”

– Max's Dad

Literary classes for every little hoot.

Introduce your child to the magic of books through one of our various classes. Each class incorporates reading, art, and music to foster adventure, track their growth, and build their reading confidence.

Illustration of Alphabet Blocks A, B, C stacked in a triangle

Baby Hoots

6 - 18 Months Old

Little ones and their caregiver engage in music, stories & more

Illustration of an easel with a board with "ABC" on it

Little Prep

Preschool prep for 14 - 26 months

Children ages 14 – 26 months can experience a structured, preschool-like class (up to 8 children) in an inspiring environment

Illustration of a rolling pin and play-doh

Lil' Hoots

18 - 30 Months Old

Your child’s education journey begins & separation is introduced

simplified illustration of a crayon scribbling a line

Early Hoots

30 - 40 Months Old

Your child is introduced to the literacy skills needed to begin their academic path

Flashcards with an apple and the letter "A"

Pre Hoots

40 - 48 Months Old

Children learn new skill sets needed for kindergarten acceptance

Illustration of an open book with a moon and stars on the book jacket

Kinder Hoots

4 - 5 Years Old

Children master the necessary skills for kindergarten success

Simplified Illustration of a pencil writing in a notebook

Big Hoots

6+ Years Old

Your child’s skills are enhanced as we prepare them for grade school

Inspiring young minds with the wonder of words.


At Wise Wonder Enrichment, we believe that every child deserves to discover the wonder and joy that books can hold. Since 2012, we’ve served thousands of children to do just that; so that they can feel confident in the classroom and be inspired to keep learning.

Little girl sitting on a standing log as a chair at a wall desk, the wall is decorated with childrens books and toys

Turn the page to a new adventure.

  1. Take a trial class.

    Come experience our cozy atmosphere filled with books and hear about our unique teaching methods, created in-house by our Reading Specialist.

  2. Enroll your child.

    Each class is scheduled for one semester, in tandem with the school calendar. Read about the Wise Wonder Approach to reading comprehension.

  3. Watch them fall in love with reading.

    Your child will be excited to share their progress with you each week – and you’ll be thrilled with their growth!

A boy and a girl wearing clown makeup and party clothes eating a dessert while the girl gives the boy a kiss on the cheek

Birthday Parties at Wise Wonder.

Unlock your child’s awe at their next birthday party! Our W59th, Tribeca, and Park Slope spaces are available to rent for parties, baby showers, book club meetings, and more. Plus, enjoy a special discount if your child attends classes at any of our locations.

Teach them to love books for the rest of their lives.

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