Early Childhood Education for 6 month - 8 year olds

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Learners, dreamers, readers & doers

Wise Wonder offers a range of early childhood education programs based on age groups from 6-months to 8-years-old. Each level - Baby Hoots, Lil’ Hoots, Early Hoots, Pre Hoots, Kinder Hoots and Big Hoots – features our unique teacher-designed curriculum created specifically for the developmental needs of that age group. As your child progresses through each level, they’re gradually learning the skills needed for preschool and kindergarten readiness. Our small and intimate setting allows children to learn at their own pace, and encourages a deeper level of engagement and confidence. Each class also uses music and art to enhance your child's learning experience.

Wise Wonder Enrichment seeks to ensure flexibility in our schedule so that your little ones are able to join us at a time that is best for them.  To receive more information about our class options in your child’s age group, please reach out to uws@booknooknyc.com, w59@booknooknyc.com, tribeca@booknooknyc.com, parkslope@booknooknyc.com  or ridgewood@booknooknyc.com


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Baby Hoots

6 - 18 Months Old

Little ones and their caregiver engage in music, stories & more

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Little Prep

Preschool prep for 14 - 26 months

Children ages 14 – 26 months can experience a structured, preschool-like class (up to 8 children) in an inspiring environment

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Lil' Hoots

18 - 30 Months Old

Your child’s education journey begins & separation is introduced

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Early Hoots

30 - 40 Months Old

Your child is introduced to the literacy skills needed to begin their academic path

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Pre Hoots

40 - 48 Months Old

Children learn new skill sets needed for kindergarten acceptance

Illustration of an open book with a moon and stars on the book jacket

Kinder Hoots

4 - 5 Years Old

Children master the necessary skills for kindergarten success

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Big Hoots

6+ Years Old

Your child’s skills are enhanced as we prepare them for grade school

The more you read, the more you know

Our early childhood education programs also include Little Prep (Tribeca, W59th & Park Slope locations only), a class designed for children ages 14 – 26 months to experience a structured, preschool-like class. Little Prep and the learning level classes are offered during the week and coincide with the school year. Once school is out, the learning continues at Wise Wonder with our 6-week Summer Enrichment Program. Each location offers early childhood education classes for children 30 - 60 months and Kindergarten/1stGraders.

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