5 Easy Ways To Help Your Child Avoid Summer Reading Loss

Spring is in full swing and as summer approaches, we know the most important thing is to build a routine that we can carry into the summer to ensure our months in the sun are full of both education and fun.

Wise Wonder student reading outside on a summer day

Since reading is the foundation of all academic areas for all ages, avoiding reading loss can be the key to your little one’s future. This may seem like a difficult, time consuming chore, but we’ve got good news! At Wise Wonder, we teach children that there is no need to balance work and play when it comes to reading and writing…reading and writing are play. They are wondrous, adventurous, and inspiring. And summer is the perfect time to dive head first into that mindset.




Create a Summer Reading Challenge 📚

Many schools and libraries have their own wonderful reading challenges to partake in, but you can also make your own! For example:

    • Keep a sticker chart on the fridge. Every time your child reads a story they can put their favorite Elsa or Spiderman sticker on the chart. (Maybe 5 stickers even earns them some delicious summer ice cream..).
    • Play in teams! Make your child feel supported and inspired by doing a reading challenge together. This is especially great for big families. Come up with silly team names. As they say, “a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!”

Form a Book Club 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Summer is a wonderful time to spend time with friends and family. Reading does not have to be squeezed in separately, but can be a natural addition. Bring books to park play dates or summer outings. After running in the sun, relax in the shade and enjoy a story. Soon reading will become a natural part of play.

Movie Night? How About Book Night! 🍿

Instead of cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie, pick your favorite books, get cozy in your pajamas, make popcorn, and take turns reading aloud. Read by flashlight or make up stories. If you happen to pick a book that was made into a movie, go ahead and make it a movie/book night!

Change It Up! 🍃

Change the types of books your child is reading, and the place they get to read in!

    • Introduce your little one to different genres and forms of writing. Don’t be afraid to crack open a graphic novel, audio book, cookbook, or online storytime.
    • Read anywhere and everywhere. During the school year a lot of reading is done at home or in the classroom. The summer is a great opportunity to read in the park, at the beach, in the pool, or anywhere you can imagine!

Embrace the Fact That Words Are Everywhere 🌎

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have an hour to sit down and read with your little one. Our lives are go-go-go nowadays and it can feel hard to keep up. But the wonder of words is all around us. So point out signs on a road trip, make up stories by a campfire, and write letters in the sand.

These 5 simple tricks can flip the script on how we view summer learning and ease the fear of summer reading loss. The freedom of summer is a time for your little one to zoom forward rather than slide back.

Happy Reading!

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