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Where has the time gone?  It feels like just yesterday we were
returning from winter break and getting back into the swing of things – and now
it’s February!  We’re not complaining,
though.  It’s already been an eventful
2017 at Wise Wonder, and we know this year has so many exciting things in
store.  (We’re looking at you, Wise Wonder
Tribeca!  See you in March!)

But even though time is flying,
winter is staying put for a while – and in a lot of ways, just getting
started!   New York City had its first
big snow a few weeks ago, and the temperatures are dropping… and rising… and
then dropping again.   We can’t keep
up!  But we do know one thing – the grey
skies and chilly air call for a good book.

We love our little nook on the
Upper West Side (particularly on gray winter days) and it made us get to
thinking about other Wise Wonders.  More specifically, the benefits of Wise Wonders
for creating an environment that helps little ones get excited about
reading.  The earlier children develop a
love of reading, the better – it is an interest that only grows over time.  And the best way to get that love
growing?  By introducing a nook of books
that is entirely their own.

nooks can be anywhere – your home, a neighborhood library, your local bookstore,
or even school.  Our little ones love our
reading tree, and often declare storytime as their favorite part of class.  Wise Wonder has wall-to-wall books, but our
story tree is where the magic is – a cozy little spot dedicated specifically to
reading.   By providing a space within a
larger environment that gives a child a sense of ownership, it opens them up to
a deeper, more faceted love of reading and story telling as a whole.

There are very many obvious
benefits to reading at all ages, but particularly for young ones– expanding
vocabulary, bolstering their memory and imagination, and improving
communication skills, just to name a few.
But sometimes children can become bored or disinterested in reading,
especially if they’re in a space that doesn’t lend itself to relaxation or
comfort.  The relaxation that comes with
reading a book is unmatched, whether a child is reading to themselves or
listening to a story from mom and dad.
Creating a space that feels individual and unique to a child’s own needs
and interests increases their excitement about carving out time for
reading.  These little nooks allow them
to pick out the books and stories they are most interested in.  The sooner a child realizes there are stories
for everyone – books that can expand their worlds and imaginations – the sooner reading becomes a large part of their everyday lives.

Do you have a special spot in your
home, library, or bookstore that your child loves?  Let us know – and send a picture!  We have a soft spot for Wise Wonders, after
all. 😉

Happy reading!

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