Our 45-minute, music-focused Baby Hoots class is where your baby will begin learning the most essential developmental skills with a caregiver by their side. It’s our version of a “mommy and me” or “grown-up and me” class and allows little ones to experience a group setting in a safe, cozy environment. Classes meet once a week and coincide with the school year.


Baby Hoots Love Learning

Your baby will love learning at Wise Wonder because they’ll be having fun. Each class is planned around a weekly theme such as zoo animals or life on the farm, and incorporates related books, music and interactive play into each lesson. Baby Hoots are introduced to structured play and learning while developing their attention spans and focus.

Baby Hoots Love Music

Children love music (and so do we) but we also love that music is helpful in the development of language skills, motor skills, literacy and memory. Each class integrates classic and original songs with live music provided by Sunny Songsters, early childhood music educators and professional musicians. Children have fun clapping and moving along to the music, but your baby is also learning fine motor skills and starting to understand expressive language.

Storytime is another favorite activity for our Baby Hoots. Participating in storytime allows children to experience an activity in a school-like environment that has a routine. Reading aloud also engages children, fosters an interest in reading and promotes early childhood literacy. But the kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from storytime - caregivers learn storytelling techniques that they can use at home.

Everything we do in class is essential to your child’s educational development. Our unique curriculum is created by our founder to meet the needs and learning styles of each child at every stage of development. And our warm, inviting space instills a sense of magic in your child from the moment you come through our doors.


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