Big Hoots®

First grade reading for 6+ year olds

The focus for Big Hoots is to help them reach a first grade reading level or higher. We begin by assessing your child’s current reading level and then choose books to meet their specific academic needs. Big Hoots have already started kindergarten or first grade, and these 60-minute classes meet once a week, coinciding with the school year (we offer rolling admissions and pro-rated fees).

Reading Independently

Reading independently is the main focus of this tier. To ensure that each child is continually being challenged with their reading, we keep Big Hoot classes smaller than usual with a maximum of three children. One-on-one classes are also available to help with kindergarten and first grade reading skills. All of the work that Big Hoots do in class is centered around the story they’re reading each week.

One of the benefits of this small class is that children can build their academic confidence because we don’t put any expectations on them that might cause anxiety. Instead, we encourage your child and let them know that they’re capable of reaching these new academic levels. Children are excited to be learning and improving their reading skills because they’re at ease and very comfortable in our nurturing environment.

Wise Wonder Enrichment - Reading Classes for Kids

Because of the small class size and individual attention given to each student, we’re able to easily assess their reading levels multiple times throughout the year. This allows children to move ahead to first grade reading, or the next level, if we see that they’re capable.

Big Hoots continue to work towards mastering their handwriting abilities and practice writing sentences phonetically. Everything we do in class is designed by our founder, Rina Collins, to meet the needs and learning styles of each child. We do this in our warm, inviting space that instills a sense of magic in children from the moment they walk through our doors.

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