Pre Hoots®

Reading for Preschool Aged Children

Ages 40 - 48 months

Our Pre Hoots have already started preschool and this supplemental class prepares your child for kindergarten acceptance and readiness. Reading for preschool age children involves mastering phonetics and this is one of the many skills they’ll learn this year. Our 90-minute classes meet once a week and coincide with the school year (we offer rolling admissions and pro-rated fees).

Discovering new skills

Whether children have advanced to this level or are just starting out, they’re eager to discover new skills and put what they’ve learned into action. Reading for preschool age children starts with pre-reading techniques such as identifying letters and learning how to read sounds to put a word together. We use three letter words arranged by consonant, vowel, consonant (C-V-C words) to teach children this process.

Once they’ve mastered how to put a word together, we teach children how to build word families and introduce them to rhyming. Learning how to do this ultimately leads to independent reading. Students are challenged throughout the year but there’s never any pressure put on them. We’re building their confidence and letting them know that they’re capable of reaching these new academic levels.

Pre Hoots Reading for Preschool

Advanced handwriting activities are also introduced with an emphasis on name recognition, letter identification and formation. Learning this now helps prepare your child for the rigors of kindergarten. Storytime and reading for preschool age children is still a favorite activity, but we make sure Pre Hoots are focusing on advanced story comprehension and paying attention to details.

Classes continue to be planned around a weekly theme that incorporates related books, music and art projects. Children have fun working on self-portraits but they’re also developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor development and self-awareness. Everything we do in class is designed by our founder to meet the needs and learning styles of each child at this stage of their development. And our warm, inviting space instills a sense of magic in children from the moment they walk through our doors.

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