On the ninth day of Wise Wonder, my teacher gave to me…

nine shadows lurking,
eight tools for writing,
seven fishies swimming,
six stickers sticking,
five books to read,
four chirping birds,
three story maps,
two Play-Doh tools,
and a story under the tree!

Wise Wonder is always trying to incorporate new activities for our little ones that prepare them for handwriting!  A favorite in the classroom is our shadow exercise!  Each week, we provide an assignment with an assortment of objects and their shadows that correlate to our theme.  In the beginning, we give hints and help the children complete their matching hand-on-hand.  But as time passes and they progress, they are able to complete the activity completely independently. Understanding how to properly draw lines and grip a marker is key for proficient handwriting abilities. Additionally, being able to identify the appropriate shadow is a skill of deduction and memory, which is vital for any tests children may take for preschool, kindergarten, or throughout their education. Introducing these skills at a young age sets good habits and hones their abilities early on, getting them ahead of the game and ready to succeed in school.

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