On the second day of Wise Wonder, my teacher gave to me…

two Play-Doh tools,
and a story under the tree!

We start each class at Wise Wonder with some educational playtime to get our kids relaxed and excited to work!  Play-Doh tools are an excellent way to work on fine motor development.  Refining fine motor is crucial for appropriate gripping and handwriting skills, and helps with dexterity and coordination.  We sing songs about cutting, rolling the dough, and more to allow our little ones to get a firm grasp on the skills being utilized during this playtime. 


Playing and molding with Play-Doh also helps to foster creativity in children.  Creative play expands a child’s sense of innovation, allowing them to uncover the endless possibility of their imaginations. 

We incorporate a variety of textures as well, often sprinkling glitter on our Play-Doh or using tools that leave grooves or ridges, to offer novel sensory experiences.  These unfamiliar sensations prompt our children to engage in our activities in alternative and original ways.


The best part?  The kids are having so much fun making spaghetti, snipping Play-Doh pieces, and making snowmen that they don’t even realize the educational aspects of what they are doing.  It doesn’t feel like work – only play, which makes them even more excited to be participating and keeps them fully engaged throughout.

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