It’s been a tough year for readers of all ages. A major part of developing and nurturing a healthy reading habit is routine, and we all definitely experienced a big shift in routine over the past few months. As we settle into summer and look forward to heading back to school in the fall, now is the perfect time to turn the page and find the joy in reading again. And what better way to do that than with a READ-A-THON?

Two Children sitting in chairs outside reading

Wise Wonder Enrichment is excited to announce RALLY FOR READING, a read-a-thon designed to ensure that your little ones can ease back into reading (and find that excitement again too!) at their own pace.

When you sign up to be a part of Rally for Reading, you are committing to a summer of discovery and enrichment! Our team will send weekly at-home reading tips and tricks, book recommendations for readers of all ages and interests, inspiration for activities and exploration, and so much more!

0 Minutes Read So Far!

All your little one needs is a book, a journal, and time! Track your child’s reading progress in minutes each week and send them our way. We’ll keep track of your child’s minutes individually, and add them to the Wise Wonder community tracker as well!

Early Learners virtual reading classes at Wise Wonder nyc

We will announce the weekly minutes each Saturday morning at 11:00AM on Instagram! There will be live readings and prizes each week, as well as a raffle at the conclusion of the event.

There’s never been a better time to escape with a book. So, readers:

Start your engines. On your marks, get set… READ!

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