Rockabye, baby…

When it comes to music for little ones, there’s no shortage
of possibilities.  The same songs have
been captivating children for years – everything from Twinkle, Twinkle to Baa, Baa,
Black Sheep
have been and always will be staples in the repertoire.  

Early exposure to music is crucial
in a child’s development.  It stimulates
and engages in a way that is as wonderful as reading, and much better than
television.  Music can hold their
attention when they become upset, or be the lullaby that beckons them to sleep
each night.   And after a while, the same
old songs can – for parents, at least – become a bit tedious.  And for children – though they often grab
hold of the things they enjoy and refuse to let go or try anything new –
switching up the playlist effectively ensures continued developmental

So what’s the solution?  

Rockabye Baby! thinks they’ve found
it.  And we can’t help but agree!

Rockabye Baby! takes the popular
hits of artists adults love and turns them on their heads, recreating them into
soothing lullabies that are perfect for your little ones.  The latest addition to their discography is Rockabye Baby!  Lullaby Renditions of Adele – which, in
our humble opinion, is the most exciting artist represented.  Adele’s voice is so beautiful, and her music
so lovely and evocative, that it seems to make perfect sense to turn her most
popular songs into lullabies.  We most
certainly have drifted off to the sound of Make
You Feel My Love
before – and now children can do the same, in a forum that
is suited to their own age.

Rockabye Baby!  is constantly expanding their discography.  The other artists included range from The
Beatles and the Beach Boys to Rhianna and Jay Z!  There’s something for every parent, and every
child, out there.  

Has Rockabye Baby! incorporated
your favorite artist yet?  Make sure to
head over to their website to find out.  

Happy listening!

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