So long, Summer.

Where has the summer gone?

It’s hard to believe that summer camp is already over and we’re gearing up for the school year.  We’ll miss all that summer has to offer, but are very ready for the fall.  It has been hot and humid in New York City, and a light September breeze will make all the difference.

So, what did our summer look like?  

Our World of Enchanted Stories Summer Camp was wonderful, and we miss the little ones already.  We had so much fun exploring some beautiful and awe-inspiring literary worlds – and loved seeing which ones the kids liked best.

A particular favorite of theirs – and ours! – were pop-up books.


These particular pop-up books, by Robert Sabuda and published through Simon and Schuster Children’s, capture all the tradition and whimsy of each tale while blending a new kind of magic as well.  The illustrations are rich, beautiful, and inviting – inspiring young readers to peek inside and visit these classic worlds for the first time.  

It was so exciting to see toddlers visiting Neverland, and Oz, and Mowgli’s jungle for the first time and in a way that was accessible and comprehensible for their age group.

Pop-up books engage young readers in a way that regular picture books often do not.  They literally invite readers into the world they are creating through their words with big, brilliant images that aim to stun and stimulate.  

By engaging children in a way that is both accessible and stirring, pop-up books inspire comprehension and a deeper understanding of story structure.  This is not only helpful for young readers, but also encouraging as they continue on their journey as book lovers.  


Do you have a favorite pop-up book?  Let us know!  We’re so excited to continue introducing these classics to our little ones.

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Happy reading!

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