The Nook Book Club

$800 for 16 WEEKS

Every Tuesday

Ages 8 - 10 Years Old
5:10 - 6:10pm

Every Friday

Ages 10 - 12 Years Old
4:00 - 5:00pm

The goal of Book Club is to facilitate independent reading and grow the “thinking about reading” skills taught to school age children. Students will enjoy a relaxed reading environment while discussing fun, imaginative books! Additionally, parents will appreciate the advanced questions and critical thinking practice implemented during Book Club.

How the Book Club Helps Young Readers

The Book Club provides an opportunity for elementary and middle school readers to breathe deep and enjoy reading while being inspired to seek out new and exciting adventures through new books. Our cozy Book Club setting allows students to leave behind any anxieties from school, while still working on the skills they need in order to critically think about the text, subject matter and plot points. Students will have agency over their reading as they discuss the plot, themes, and lessons of a chosen text with their group, facilitated by our very own trained Wise Wonder Reading Teacher.

High School girl browsing books in the library

Small group setting for individualized learning

One of the many benefits of our Book Club is the small group setting of three to six students per class! This provides the space for students to be comfortable taking risks with their reading, pushing themselves, and sharing their personal insights about the text with a small group. Students who struggle with reading independently will benefit from the individualized attention from our Wise Wonder Reading Teacher and cozy environment in which to freely practice, as they will be reading fun, interesting books that appeal to their imagination and interests. Additionally, students who excel at reading will find no room to be bored at Book Club and will be continually inspired to push themselves and grow their skills with encouragement and technical guidance from our Wise Wonder Reading Teacher!

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