We love the Journey trilogy.  We love it so much that we can’t stop talking about it – as witnessed here and here.  So it should come as no surprise that we have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the third installment, and it has finally arrived!

Return, the final piece of Aaron Becker’s wordless trilogy, will arrive in bookstores in August 2016, and we are already planning lessons around it for the upcoming school year.  This series has done much more than expand on unique modes of storytelling – it has provided children with the tools necessary to open their minds and explore their own creativity.  

This video – which serves as the cover and title reveal – is just enough of a tease to prepare us for the whimsy and magic we know Becker has in store for his audience.  With a glimpse of the girl’s enchanted forest, introduced in Journey, it seems that Return will allow us to visit the places we have already grown to love, while also adding new and mysterious lands to the mix.

We’re sad that the story is coming to an end, but are eager to explore worlds both old and new this summer with the publication of Return.  Be sure to head out to your local bookstore in August to continue on the journey.

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