When we read with a child, we are doing so much more than teaching him to read or instilling in her a love of language.  We are doing something that I believe is just as powerful, and it is something that we are losing as a culture: by reading with a child, we are teaching that child to be human.  When we open a book, and share our voice and imagination with a child, that child learns to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  I will go further and say that that child then learns to feel the world more deeply, becoming more aware of himself and others in a way that he simply cannot experience except in our laps, or in our classrooms, or in our reading circles.

Anna Dewdney

We were devastated to hear the news of Anna Dewdney’s passing.  She has left the world a bit brighter, thanks to her wonderful books and their exceedingly important messages.  We’ll be reading “Mama Mama Misses Llama” to our little ones with heavy hearts this week, but also with gratitude towards Anna and her talent, joy, empathy, and wisdom.  

Rest in peace, Anna.

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