Your Child Has Lost Interest In Reading…Now What?

[For Pre Hoots-Big Hoots (ages 3-10)]

If your child has lost interest in reading, it may feel daunting. What happened? And what can you do to reignite their wonder for words?

First: take a breath! Going through challenging times is part of the learning process for any child…and adult for that matter. So rather than feeling discouraged, get curious. Ask yourself why your child has lost interest in reading. Are they feeling overwhelmed at school? Do they view reading as a task? Are they not interested in the books they’re reading? Since every child learns differently, understanding your child’s particular roadblock is essential.

When first learning to read, it is common for children to use disinterest as a mask for fear. The scripted language of the page is magical, but for a young child, things such as tests, reading levels, and grades can be intimidating. At Wise Wonder, our core mission is to promote a love of reading, cultivate curiosity, and introduce children to the vast possibility of stories. From this foundation, literacy skills are able to bloom.

Child selecting a book from a wall of children's books

So let’s reignite your child’s love of reading! Here are 5 simple strategies that our team at Wise Wonder recommends for you and your little ones:

Lead By Example

Rather than trying to convince your child to love reading, show your own enthusiasm for stories and invite your child to share it with you. They will naturally feed off your excitement!

Incorporate Reading Into Everyday Activities

Words surround us, therefore reading practice can be woven into other daily activities. Sound out street signs with your child while walking to school, read the label of your child’s favorite snack or toy at the store, put subtitles on the TV so your child can see the words to their favorite TV show, or leave little surprise notes for your child so they have something to read that feels like a gift.

Partake In Story Based Play

Use fun character voices when reading dialogue, imagine what happens after the story ends and act it out with your child, or invite them to draw and color their favorite character from the story…reading is fun!

Let Your Child Choose The Story

This may seem simple, but allowing your child to choose books can help them feel a sense of agency over their reading. It gives them a chance to seek out their interests and be curious. You can do this with books at home or take a special trip to the library or bookstore.

Spruce It Up!

Build a fort and read inside, read under the covers with a flashlight, or have your child read to their favorite stuffed animal!

These tricks will begin to help your child rediscover the wonder of words and the incredible worlds they create.

Happy reading!

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