On the twelfth day of Wise Wonder, my teacher gave to me…

twelve water paintings,
eleven colors feeling,
ten shapes a-cutting,
nine shadows lurking,
eight tools for writing,

seven fishies swimming,
six stickers sticking,
five books to read,
four chirping birds,
three story maps,
two Play-Doh tools,
and a story under the tree!

Painting with watercolors is the perfect way for our little ones to unwind and tap into their creative side after a lesson.  Our students love painting their folder covers, their art projects, and even just creating an original design on a piece of paper.

Painting is not only an enjoyable outlet for children, but also a different way to get a grasp on fine motor and gripping techniques.  Just like with any writing utensil, the way a child learns to hold a paintbrush affects their gripping.  They will begin by using a fist grasp, and will ultimately progress to a tripod grip.  Giving them the opportunity to paint at a younger age will assist in their overall developmental growth.

Offering a large palette will also help with their discovery of new and exciting colors.  We like to provide them with a palette that includes not only the basics but also more specific colors, such as magenta or turquoise.  This helps them to realize the many options they have at their fingertips and the very many shades through which they can unleash their artistic prowess!  

A helpful tip when bringing out the watercolors is to use a spray bottle to individually wet each color as opposed to using a cup to wash the paintbrush.  This will keep things relatively clean and focused.  It will also help to keep your palette lasting, as you can ask the child which colors they plan to use and only wet the ones mentioned!

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