The Benefits of Book Clubs

Wise Wonder Enrichment’s mission is to build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  It may sound like a hefty task, but really, it’s simple: introduce children to academia in an enjoyable way, provide the skills necessary to succeed, and watch them soar.  When kids learn in a way that feels special, it becomes something exciting.  And when kids get it, when they master a skill or conquer a tricky problem – they become eager for more.  These methods are something we incorporate on the daily at Wise Wonder.  That moment when it all clicks is the best part of what we do.  This formula applies to early learning, but is something that should continue beyond a child’s graduation from Wise Wonder.  Learning to read is just the beginning, after all.  It’s what comes next that turns readers into book lovers.  Which brings us to… The Nook Book Club!

We developed The Nook Book Club, a program designed for children from ages eight to twelve, to introduce the next phase of reading.  Our book club goes beyond the fundamentals of reading and into thinking about reading as a whole.

But why are book clubs important?  What makes this setting different than reading independently at home?

Two middle school children reading a book in a library

Book clubs promote a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment.

The purpose of any club is to bring a community together to learn about and discuss something that matters to them, and a book club is no different.  Our program invites small groups of three to six children to read, formulate opinions, and discuss stories from a wide array of genres.  This gives kids the chance to discover what types of books interest them most.  Often, the thing that prevents children from really exploring literature is a misunderstanding of what is available to them.  When kids discover a genre that excites them, they are more inclined to spend time in those literary worlds.  The Nook Book Club explores many types of stories and takes into account what our students want to read – providing them with the agency necessary to talk about what they love.  Additionally, large groups and overwhelming spaces can sometimes be intimidating.  Our cozy literacy studios provide the perfect escape to uncover new adventures through reading.

Book clubs encourage critical thinking and deeper engagement with stories.

While many children at this age are already reading for pleasure, they typically haven’t started to explore texts fully.  In Wise Wonder’s regular literacy classes, we introduce main story elements such as plot, characters, and setting. However, understanding a book deeply goes beyond that.  Book clubs delve into a character’s motivations, the relationships between protagonists and antagonists, themes, metaphors and more so that students both understand an author’s purpose and begin to draw their own conclusions.  These discussions are facilitated by our Wise Wonder Reading Teacher and presented in a way that is accessible for children and gives them the space to uncover the story independently and as a team.  Literary analysis also expands a child’s ability to state their ideas using new language and develops conversation skills.  Students are encouraged to push themselves and grow as readers and learners through this practice, something that can be applied to other areas of their education as well.

Book clubs provide accountability for students in reading and reading comprehension.

One of the main components of a book club, as we’ve already shown, is discussion.  Discussion in a book club relies on all participants having read and understood the book.  Sometimes, kids will be inclined to skim a story or read certain passages to get the general idea and prove they’ve completed some of the work.  This is seen most often in books assigned for school that a child is disinterested in or confused about.  Book clubs create space for children to talk, ask questions, and interact with peers on a level that other reading groups in school or at home often can’t.  This has nothing to do with the quality of those groups, but the size and comfort levels.  The small group environment and less stressful commitment level makes the process feel safer and more enjoyable, which can lead to better results.  Accountability not only ensures the reading is happening, but encourages kids to read closely and imagine more deeply when engaging with these worlds.

At the end of the day, there are really endless benefits of joining a book club.  They encourage teamwork, foster a child’s ability to listen and react, create a sense of community around books – and so, so much more.  We are so excited to have added the Nook Book Club to our schedule, and hope to welcome your kids to a group very soon.

The Nook Book Club is still enrolling for this school year!  We are currently offering a promotion where you can enroll with a friend and pay one tuition!  For more information, please send an email to

Happy reading!

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