Book Review: I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams

Summer has officially begun… which also means it’s time for summer reading!

Summer is a time to kick back and relax in the sun with family and friends. But we also know that summer reading is a vital part of any student’s routine. That’s why Rally for Reading, our community-wide read-a-thon, is back for a second year! Rally for Reading encourages students to engage with reading in a way that works with their schedule while keeping things fun and fresh. This program also helps to find ways to explore new genres, formats, styles, and more. Every type of story is important when it comes to building strong readers, after all.

Each week, our team will also be recommending and posting book reviews for our favorite new releases in picture books, early readers, and chapter books. Our first recommendation this summer is a 2021 picture book release that has topped bestseller lists this year and is an instant classic.

I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams by Jessica Young and Rafael Lopez

I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams is a story that focuses on familial relationships and how they adapt and evolve throughout our lifetime. It’s a story that offers lyrical prose and stunning illustrations to invite the reader into a world that is based in both reality and the imagination. The characters’ voices move between a place of knowing what the future holds and understanding that, in so many ways, we’ll never have a true grasp on what is yet to come. But despite the uncertainty of change and the ever-shifting landscape of life, these characters hold tight to one truth: parental love and familial bonds transcend the unknown. No matter what may come, the love found within a family stays steadfast and true.

What books have you picked up this summer? We’d love to hear your recommendations! Plus, it’s not too late to join Rally for Reading. Send an email to to receive your free reading journal today!

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