The Benefits of Virtual Learning

We are officially four months into 2021, and this year has already proven to be a faster – and better – one than the last.

2020 was a year of such change and heartache for so many. For educators, it was also a time to find new ways to instill magic in learning and to reinvent the wheel. Or, at the very least, readjust the wheel for the time-being. As the world was changing so rapidly, our approach had to follow suit.

As schools and classes turned to virtual learning, Wise Wonder was able to turn this unforeseen and unprecedented pivot into something meaningful. Our team quickly came together to change our unique literacy classes into an online, at-home learning experience. At the time, it was scary and often overwhelming, but it resulted in something amazing: the ability to bring Wise Wonder into peoples’ homes all across the country.

This new world also helped us to realize the benefits of virtual instruction. It is important to seek out educational resources and environments both in times of unease and school hiatuses. Consistency is key when it comes to progress.

Early Learners virtual reading classes at Wise Wonder nyc

Some of the key benefits we’ve noticed over the past year are:


Students can log in to their classes anywhere, at any time. Schedules are busy – for kids and adults alike. A virtual option combines both structure and freedom. Online classes can be scheduled for any time of the day – weekends included – without the combined effort of coming and going. Just sit down with a computer or tablet, and wait for class to begin. Additionally, due to the flexibility and personalized nature of each session, instructors are able to adjust curriculum and the overall experience as they go. Students are consistently challenged, from the beginning to the end of class.


All types of learners, all over the country have access to online classes. Many programs – including our own – were specific to one city or location, which limits the students they’re able to reach. With virtual learning, anybody can join a class from the comfort of their own home. An at-home learning environment can also provide the comfort that a typical classroom sometimes lacks, which can boost overall success and confidence in young learners. Plus, with the inclusion of digital and visual components in class, virtual learning can be a beneficial tool for students of all learning styles. These aspects make for a well-rounded experience that anyone can enjoy and benefit from.


The continuation of learning is necessary throughout the year. That includes school breaks, summer vacation, and even weekends. It’s important for students to keep their minds active and to keep building upon the success they’ve achieved in school. Virtual classes are an incredible supplement to include in any child’s schedule. As our classes are once a week, students don’t feel overworked or overwhelmed – just excited to be reading, writing, and growing in literacy. The past year saw a decline in progress due to the nature and inconsistency within educational settings. Adding an online class to your child’s learning regimen introduces new skills and hones old ones with an individualized curriculum, readying them for success despite any outside struggles.

Virtual Class

Nobody could have predicated the past year of our lives, and in many ways, we’re still working to return to normalcy. But we also couldn’t have predicated the new and exciting modes of learning we’d discover and be able to implement along the way. It’s been an experience, but one that has resulted in the ability to reach and assist so many students in their academic journeys.

Wise Wonder Enrichment is continuing to offer virtual classes, and would love to have your children join us. For more information and to find a session that fits your child’s age level and needs, feel free to email

Happy Reading!

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