How to Enhance Your Book Club

In the early days of reading, kids are mostly focused on getting the hang of it and perfecting their skills. But once the foundation is laid, the real fun can begin. Exploring different genres is key when it comes to discovering what types of stories kids find most interesting – and there’s no better way to explore than with a book club.

Book clubs are not only an amazing supplement for readers, but they are also fun and engaging in a way independent reading is often not. This is especially true for kids, who may need a bit of a push when it comes to reading on their own.  A small group enhances the reading experiences and often involves students in a more direct way, allowing them to interact with the text more closely.

But how can you curate a book club to ensure that students are both learning, enhancing their skills, and having fun with friends? We’ve got some tips!

Let your students choose the title for their book club.

When teachers give students agency in the classroom, they have a more positive, fulfilling experience. At Wise Wonder Enrichment, we offer a multitude of book club options so students can choose a book that speaks to them. Each class offering includes a book description so students and parents can peruse the choices together. Additionally, on the first day of classes, instructors always chat with students about the genre of the story and ask them to come up with others that are similar. By discussing genres and relating books to each other – and to the students themselves – you are fostering a relationship with stories that will just continue to grow.

Create goals and a routine.

While a book club is a fun activity for students, it can also be a vital addition to their education. Creating goals in a class and sticking to a routine helps students acclimate and retain lessons more clearly. Goals also allow students to work on preparation and time-management skills. The goals can range from a simple task such as, “read three chapters by the next class” to something more intriciate like “develop your understanding of plot structure.” By building out goals in a class, you are helping students invest themselves in what they’re doing. The more time and care they invest, the more they’ll care about the class and stories.

Incorporate activities and games.

Reading is mostly about what we take in on the page, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a bits more hands-on. Bring some levity to the class by incorporating games and fun extras. Our curriculum for book club includes journaling and comprehension assignments, but we also make sure to take time for some silliness. Take time for a trivia game about the story, or work on writing by playing story cubes and having students come up with their own work in the same genre. You can also incorporate the physical book itself by encouraging students to go on a reading scavenger hunt!  No matter what you choose, there are plenty of options to lighten up the club each week.

Book clubs are an excellent way to make reading fun and encourage peer discussion in younger readers. When kids talk about books, they discover new perspectives and ways of thinking – and that’s always a good thing.

Wise Wonder Enrichment is now enrolling for our virtual book clubs for the fall semester! If you’re interested in learning more, email for information.

Happy Reading!

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